char bloomfield


    hi angels, I’m charmaine but most know me as char or cc bloom. i am the woman, face and hands behind the wander loft and have been now for the last 3 most wonderful and magical years. i’m part spiritual, part realistic - i guess that’s the Gemini in me. i value genuine, authentic conversation and believe this has helped shape my business and the ethos i stand by. i promise you that apart from the passion for creating brows and lashes, our time together in my space will only ever be warm, welcoming and comfortable. Forget the awkward zen spa music (but we can totally make it zen if you want hehe), let’s enjoy some RNB Fridays with a side of genuine conversation, deep belly laughs and ridiculously good looking brows. if you, myself and your face are already friends - i can’t wait to see you again! If you’re new here, i look forward to getting to know you and your brows soon. big love, cc bloom AKA char x

en forme.